June 6th, 2010

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ATA Road Case

If you have valuable equipment that needs to travel then you need an ATA road case from PonyMouse ATA Road Cases.

Even if you move your band across town you need protection for your valuable equipment paid for with your hard earned money.

ATA road cases offer a metal exterior with a wood inner layer followed by a foam cushion.  You can imagine that this is a much safer way to transport than no box at all.

They come in configurations designed to protect guitar amp heads, mixdown consoles, LCD monitors, PA speakers... you name it.  They often have wheels and almost always have a nice set of handles, so your equipment is so much easier to carry.

You can get them with TSA certified latches as well.  So you can have the cases locked and yet the TSA can open them for safety checks in transport.

Also much newer, lower cost cases are available as well with poly shells and inner cushioned liners.

And let's not forget drum cases.  If you want to get the skins where they are going without extra holes and dents, then ATA Road cases are for you.  They are simply bullet proof...OK you can't use REAL bullets.  But they are REEEEALLY tough!

One of the latest innovations is an LCD lift case that can store your LCD monitor and then uses hydraulics to lift the monitor out of the case.  AWESOME!

There are even suspended shock absorber cases where the inner electronics or whatever is suspended in space and has a 3D shock absorber system.  Yes, they have come a long ways.

These same companies offer gig bags for instruments and speakers.  Usually a super tough poly/nylon padded material with a zipper to get the instrument or speaker in or out of the bag.

So you can get soft or hard cases for keyboards too.  With the prices of keyboards these days it just doesn't make sense to travel to a gig and then find out your prized keyboard has been beat up on the trip there.  What is it worth to you to protect your instrument before a show?

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